Ramell International
Swedish to English translation services



I specialize in the translation of legal, financial, and technical documents that require the expertise of a translator certified by the Swedish Government.

Services include:

  • Translating legal, financial and educational documents from Swedish into American English or British English.
  • Editing English language scientific and scholarly dissertations, theses and articles from leading Swedish universities, including the Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, and the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden.

Clients of Ramell International include individuals from every walk of life in Sweden and neighboring countries. Business clients range from law and accounting firms to banks, transportation and manufacturing companies, in addition to several of Sweden’s most highly ranked universities.

Services for Individuals

For individuals, I translate a host of official documents including:

  • Birth certificates,  Excerpts from Population Registers and other government records
  • Marriage Certificates and Prenuptial Agreements
  • Drivers Licenses and Passports

For individuals wishing to immigrate, emigrate, work or study abroad, I translate:

  • Academic documents such as diplomas, transcripts, graduation certificates, and academic records
  • Employment history documentation and letters of reference
  • Résumés and Curriculum Vitae
  • Medical records and journals, health declarations and doctor’s certificates
  • Swedish Migration Board documents, such as residence and work permits

For those seeking to adopt a foreign child, I translate Home Study Reports and other documents that may be required. I work with adoption organizations such as Adoptionscentrum, Children Above All and other certified Swedish organizations. 

Services for Lawyers

For lawyers and law departments of banks, I translate many types of legal documents. For example:

  • Translations of Swedish Laws, e.g. Swedish Trademark Act of 1960, Swedish Limitations Act of 1981
  • Articles of Association for privately held companies
  • Contracts and Agreements, e.g. , Agent and Reseller Contracts, Partnership Agreements, Rental Agreements, Notifications of Breach of Contract
  • Bankruptcy and Conciliation Agreements
  • Company Valuation Reports
  • Wills, Estate Inventories and Death Certificates
  • District Court Judgments, Verdicts and Sentences
  • Appellate Court Judgements
  • Divorce Decrees
  • Power of Attorneys
  • Excerpts from Police Records
  • Authorization Certificates

Services for Banks

For banks, I perform a variety of translations of financial documents, such as:

  • Bank statements
  • Claim letters
  • Investment memoranda
  • Deeds of Purchase

Technical Translation

Translation service and editorial assistance to transform Swedish language scientific, technical, and scholarly dissertations, theses or articles into idiomatic English.


Every client engagement is performed using a rigorous system of quality assurance to ensure end products of the highest caliber.  I adhere to the “Generally Accepted Translation Practices” (“God translatorssed”) published as a guide for authorized translators by Kammarkollegiet in Stockholm.

My system for translation includes five steps:

  1. The text is analysed for key terminology and to determine whether British or American English is to be used
  2. A rough preliminary draft is prepared
  3. Each paragraph of the draft is closely examined
  4. A final draft is prepared
  5. A final quality assurance review is conducted

My system for language editing includes three steps:

  1. Closely examining the text and marking editorial changes manually on paper
  2. Transferring these editorial changes into an electronic document and marking them using the “Track Changes” function in Microsoft Word
  3. Performing a final edit by re-reading the manuscript and completing the process by checking for clear exposition of the main ideas and concepts and their proper expression in idiomatic American or British English.


Fees are based on the number of full pages to be translated and the complexity of the text. Discounted prices are offered to universities and non-profit organizations.  Swedish value added tax (VAT) will be added, when required.


Confidentiality & Professional Secrecy

All client engagements performed by certified public translators such as Gunilla Ramell are carried out under strict confidentiality and utmost professional secrecy.